Octoberish things

Friday, October 16, 2015

Quick check in...

Lots going on this month, but not in a crazy busy way. Just in a manageable and enjoyable rhythm. (Although my poor husband is busier at work than ever.) We've tried to keep weekend and evening commitments to a minimum just to keep a good balance of work, fun and rest. And my BABY turned six years old yesterday so we've had fun celebrating him this week. He is so easy to please. All he wanted was a lego set, a nerf bow and arrow, and an ice cream cake and he was thrilled.

I've been working on a few things that I'm excited about including my little photography biz. I have an upcoming Fall mini session for family portraits and all my slots sold out in just a couple days. I've also got a new website and etsy shop in the works...yay!

Also, I forgot to share the links to my two latest Thrive Moms posts:

Giving Kids Meaningful Work
"How do we set the groundwork for our children to explore their potential contributions to the world? Simple. We let them do meaningful work alongside us."

Evidence They Were Here
"They leave evidence of their presence all over my world. I don't focus on the messes they make, but rather the sweet little things that make them who they are. These are the things I would miss if they weren't around."

And a couple more links I didn't write:

I loved this post about "The Oregon Trail" generation via Social Media Week. The Oregon Trail, of course, referencing the one and only computer game that was widely played and loved at schools across America when my generation was in the elementary aged years. It was played on the one or two enormous computers located in the center of the library. But the article was an awesome recap of my generation (I'm 36 for reference) and how we grew up "untouched by social media" yet still was fully engaged in technology as college students and as we entered the working world. We sort of straddled the whole internet age. We didn't have it growing up as a kid, but embraced it immediately as late teenagers and young adults and we're addicted to it now.

In other news, anyone else dying for Downton Abbey Season 5 to start?? Here's the trailer for the new season!

And I was going to do a whole separate post with a new playlist for you, but how about I just share it in a link for ya right now so you have it for your weekend? Check out what I'm listening to this month in a spotify mix I call Autumn Chill.

Happy Friday, friends.



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