It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I am madly in love with my little town this time of year. It's absolutely stunning. And so many outdoor locations to wander and explore. I literally can't stop taking photos of my feet standing in the amongst the pretty leaves. Why? I'm not sure. But I just feel compelled.

Things are busy and good! I'm currently shooting and editing some photography projects, working on a personal brand redesign and website, preparing a talk for my local MOPS group, teaching Sunday school at our church, and assistant teaching art class at our school.

I just feel like I have a lot of creative energy right now and I'm gonna ride this wave while I can. I fear the winter will squash my productivity and energy (as it always does). But for now, I'm enjoying the process of creating content that I'm proud of and flexing my little photography muscles. I'm excited to share some of my work with you soon.

Until then, we've got a fun Halloween weekend coming up and I've got two very excited little kiddos who can't wait to wear their costumes and hoard candy.

Bring me all the mini snickers!



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