The Unicorn of School Mornings

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I would generally consider myself a morning person. So school mornings aren't super tough for me. However, it's still extremely rare that all three of us are well rested, backpacks are ready and not missing a single piece of paper or library book, socks and shoes are located and put on feet well in advance of needing them to, a hot breakfast is cooked and served to smiling faces, and there is time to spare for fun pictures like this. It's the unicorn of school day mornings. But today, it actually happened! #winning *insert fist bump emoji*

I love starting out our days like this. I certainly don't expect perfect mornings like this to happen very often though. I like to go with the flow and offer lots of grace when something doesn't go as planned. My kryptonite is bickering kids with bad attitudes. I will admit I don't handle those mornings very well. But I want to look back on these school-aged years with my kids and have lots of great memories. Not because things went the way I wanted them to and the kids never bickered. But because I took the time to give them my tenderness and full attention before sending them out into the world for the day. I don't want to look back and regret not being intentional during those hours.

I would say I am definitely the most patient and loving and attentive during the first few hours of the day (you should see me at bedtime though, yikes). Unlike when they were babies and toddlers, I actually get to wake them up! I love sneaking into their rooms and waking them up for school with a kiss on the cheek and a back rub. I love helping my daughter consternate over her outfit for the day, I love watching my son sit at the kitchen island, shirtless, eating breakfast with his blankie around his neck.

It wasn't always this way. Mornings used to feel frazzled and exhausting and I felt desperate for time to myself. But these middle years of parenting are really precious so far. Things change so fast. I want to enjoy this while I can, unicorn mornings or not.

P.S. I should note that it's rare that my son wears a collared shirt to school. But it was picture day so I somehow convinced him to wear one. Winning again!



  1. Love reading about your middle years of parenting. Something to look forward too. Those kids of yours are so cute, Bri.

    1. Thanks Lindsey! The middle years sure have been a joy so far. I can't help but envy the fact that you have a snuggly newborn on the way though. Newborns were a favorite stage for me!

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