10th Anniversary Getaway - Part 1 // Sedona, Arizona

Thursday, September 10, 2015

TEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE! Now that is something worth celebrating.

We've made it through the newlywed years of learning to live with each other.
We made it through the years of learning that we don't have to be right every single time.
We made it through budgets and tense discussions about spending habits and buying our first home.
Then we made it through having two babies back-to-back.
We made it through my transition to stay-at-home mom, and Mike's transition to leadership positions that demanded many long hours.
We made it through the toddler years of exhaustion and disconnectedness and hardly having a moment alone with each other.
We made it through a move 500 miles away to start a new life with a young family.
We made it through placing unrealistic expectations on each other, and disappointing each other and apologizing over and over.
He held me up the moment I found out my Father had passed away.
He shows me what work ethic and integrity look like and I show him what compassion and faith look like.
His love language is Acts of Service and mine is Quality Time. So we speak each other's languages.
He provides for me and I take care of him.

We are so far from perfect. Looking back at all we have learned in the past 10 years, I can only imagine how much more we have to learn in the next 10. But I'm thankful that we're both willing to be intentional about it. And I'm thankful that forgiveness is still offered as often as needed.

Given all the beautiful and painful moments we have experienced over the past ten years, we decided to celebrate in a big way. We left the kids with my fantastic Mother-in-law for an entire week and flew to a part of the country we had never seen before - Sedona, Arizona! When we started discussing destinations, we had several must-haves in mind: 1) Opportunities for exercise and/or adventure, 2) Opportunities for relaxation preferably far away from crowds, 3) It must be place we have never visited before, and 4) Because it's hurricane season, we have to choose a place that won't be prone to that risk.

Sedona was the perfect fit for us! We also loved that although it was 108 degrees just a few hours away in Phoenix, it stayed in the 80's in Sedona, even dipping to 68 during our early morning outings. The elevation is about 4,000 feet so it was very comfortable, temperature wise, the whole time.

We stayed at the incredible Enchantment Resort and have nothing but great things to say about it! It's very secluded and sits right in the Boynton Canyon surrounded by the Red Rocks. I have never seen anything like it. From there we were able to go on a mountain biking excursion, hiking trails, and check out tons of great restaurants in downtown Sedona. Most days we did a hike in the morning and in the evening, with some pool time in between. Lunch and drinks served right to our pool cabana! For us, it was the perfect mix of exercise, adventure, relaxation and pampering.

*Scroll down to see my list of recommended sites and activities.*

Here are some recommendations for making the most of your time in Sedona. Please note: We stayed for five days. We flew into Phoenix and then rented a car for the 2-hour drive north to Sedona. A rental car is a must have for this trip.

ACCOMMODATIONS // Enchantment Resort  //  Mii Amo Spa

HIKING TRAILS // Slide Rock Park  /  Boynton Canyon Trail  /  Chapel Trail  / Huckaby Trail

EXCURSIONS // Pink Jeep Tour  /  Mountain Biking Lesson

SITES // Chapel of the Holy Cross

DINING // Oak Creek Brewery  /  Barking Frog Grille  /  Sound Bites Grill  /  Coffee Pot Restaurant (Best Breakfast in town)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my anniversary trip wrap up and see what city we flew to for the last 3 days of our trip!


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