The Kingdom Work of Motherhood // A Thrive Moms Post

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Recently I found myself holding a bucket at the bedside of my seven-year-old daughter as her seafood dinner from earlier that night didn't agree with her stomach. It was the kind of night that required sheet changing, hair stroking, and lots of back rubbing. No one else saw my efforts in that dark room. And no one wanted to be there more than I did. But it's that dirty, selfless, Kingdom work that gets noticed in the heavens. It gets woven into eternity as an act of motherly love, lifted up as an offering."

Click here to read more of my most recent post at Thrive Moms about the Kingdom work of Motherhood.

Above image via Thrive Moms.



  1. How encouraging for this future mom (hopefully!)! Thanks for sharing!

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