Puddle Jumping and where I've been writing lately

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nothing like jumping in puddles in the summer rain.

Just a brief update today. In keeping with my unintentional summer habit, I have written all my best words elsewhere on the internet.


Here's where you can find me:

I sent my first born to Kindergarten two years ago and I'm about to send my second born to Kindergarten next week. I guest posted at And Babies Don't Keep recently with some reflections on that experience as a mother. I promise it's not too sappy. I would actually consider it pretty encouraging, if I do say so myself. Click here to read the post. And make sure to add Kristi's blog to your reader. It's a fantastic space to laugh and be encouraged.

And do you ever find yourself always wishing for the next big thing in life? Me too. You can read my latest post at Thrive Moms called Chasing Heights.

I have definitely felt the consequences of not reading enough in recent months. I always find that the more I read, the more I feel compelled to write. And I just haven't been reading enough lately. But I have a brand new pile of amazing books to dive into and I can't wait to see how they stir my heart and my pen. Errr... my keypad. 



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