My Hope for August

Monday, August 3, 2015

It's been way too long since I've posted about one of our summer outings!

Last week we met some friends at this cute little riverbank for some photo opps. My friend Jamye shares my love of photojournalism and had this great idea to set up a pretty picnic and watch the kids wade around in the river. Sometimes it's fun to do somewhat of a stylized shoot, but still let the kids have fun and play and just capture what happens. I was happy with a few of the shots I got. It was so quintessentially SUMMER.

I am clinging, and I mean clinging, to these last few weeks of warm weather and long sunny days. August always seems muddied because you have to start thinking ahead to the kids fall schedules and school schedules and it's hard to just focus on the present. But I am determined to reclaim August as a relaxing month. We will lay on a blanket in the grass, and eat melty popcicles as the sun goes down, and perfect our canon balls at the pool, and leave our pajamas on until 11am. We will eat supper on the deck, and shoot hoops in the driveway, and build forts in the yard.

I want to be totally ok with idleness and spontaneity and rule-breaking. And when September arrives and hurries in a new season, I will feel totally satiated because August filled my cup.


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