S'mores & Sparklers

Monday, July 6, 2015

We have the most low key 4th of July ever. And it was really perfect for us. We are doing a lot of traveling this summer so we decided to stay at home this weekend. And since all our friends were out of town, we decided to start some traditions of our own, just the four of us. Of course I love friend and family gatherings on holidays. But I also love that we are flexible and can have fun without anyone else around. We just did everything spur of the moment, with no pre-planning. That is just THE BEST for this ENFP. ;)

Saturday morning we all slept in, then decided to go out to a new local diner for breakfast. Afterwards, we proceeded to sit around the house for HOURS, napping and watching an HGTV marathon. I can't remember the last time we have had a Saturday like that. By 4pm, we felt like slobs and decided to do a family workout at the park. Three of us ran and one of us biked and it was amazing. The kids have never been old enough to actively participate in a workout like that where Mike and I got to run and legitimately get our heart rates up. But it worked and I was so proud of the kids for keeping up.

And in keeping with the theme of spontaneity, after we left the park I declared that we needed to do "S'MORES & SPARKLERS!" So we stopped to buy some small fireworks and fixins to make s'mores and headed back home. I just wasn't excited at the thought of battling crowds for some kind of a big public fireworks show. So we set up four chairs in our driveway, Mike got the firepit going, we put on the 90's playlist, and the boys had fun doing a little fireworks show for us. Everyone had sparklers, we ate s'mores until our hearts were content, and all stayed out until 10:30pm.

Gah, I love summer! I loved wearing red, white and blue. I love creating family memories. I love thinking about freedom and hanging an American flag on our front porch that I found at my Daddy's house. I got pretty teary in church yesterday morning as the choir sang America the Beautiful.

My cup was running over this weekend.



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