Playlist // The "Sing Out Loud in the Car" Mix

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm definitely a car singer. I love to roll down the windows, blast my song and sing as loud as I can.

Harmonize? Check.
Plug my ear to hit that high note like Mariah? Check.
Yell to the kids, "THIS IS MY JAM!" every time an old school Michael Jackson song comes on? Checkity Check.

I put together this mix of songs that are so fun to sing along to! And I won't apologize for including Love Is An Open Door from Frozen. Try NOT singing it when it comes on. It's physically impossible.

The whole playlist is embedded below or click over to the direct link in Spotify here. Oh, and in case you're new, I share my playlists often! Click here to view a whole bunch more.



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