Spring Clean Up & the Beginnings of a Cutting Garden

Monday, April 20, 2015

Every Spring, when it gets warm enough to spend an entire glorious day outside, we do a huge clean up of the exterior of the house, the landscaping, and the deck. The winter months wreak their share of havoc around the property including lots of green algae growing on the lattice under the deck, long fallen leaves crammed in every crevice of our shrubs, siding that needs a good power washing, and flower beds bare with dirt just aching for some fresh mulch. It's a fun(ish) day of hard work and dirty hands while the sunshine warms my face for the first time in five long months.  I swear that warm sunshine thaws a piece of my spirit that gets buried and frozen during the winter.

I've always been in awe that we own this little slice of heaven that we get to live on and till up and care for. An acre and a half of earth that's all ours. Not that we're "living off the land" or anything. But it's the place that holds so many memories for us at this point, and I'm so thankful for it.

Sister and I are especially excited because we just planted a cutting garden in the backyard for the first time ever. It's been planted in honor of my Dad and we'll call it "Granddaddy's Garden". We found about 20 packets of flower seeds at his house that I know he intended on planting, but never got the chance. I can't wait to watch it grow. (Cross fingers, I have never had a green we'll see what happens!) I'll plan to document our gardening process here on the blog. And by "gardening" I mean tilling up a chunk of dirt, planting some seeds, watering them, and relying on the good Lord to make something grow! We are new at all this but can't wait to learn as we go. It's a fun project to do with my daughter.

Anyone have any beginner's advice for cultivating a Cutting Garden? I'm staring with cheapy seeds to see if we can get it going and then I'll work my way up to Peonies, Hydrangea bushes, and Roses as I learn my way around.


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