Most worn selections from my 2015 Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Monday, March 2, 2015

Today, as it is 12 degrees outside, I thought I would share a few of my most worn Winter Capsule Wardrobe staples. If you've never heard of the Capsule Wardrobe thing, check out a previous post I wrote about it here. It's basically the idea that you wittle down your closet to only a collection of the basic pieces of clothing that you absolutely LOVE, and then wear those in a mix-and-match strategy over and over for one whole season. And although the classic number of pieces that many capsule wardrobe experts stick to is 37 to 40, I will admit I have more than that. I tend to wear the same outfits over and over during the weekdays, and then like to have the freedom to change it up on the weekends.

But without a doubt, this project has helped me get rid of tons of excess clothes that were just taking up space in my closet, and furthermore, it's helped me to better define my personal style. Which if you want actual examples and labels for the most common styles, check out this list. In this season of my life, as a stay-at-home mom, I am most definitely in the "Relaxed" category.

If I were to describe my personal style specifically during the winter months, here are a few key bullets:

  • I like to dress casual, but cute. You won't see me in heels very often, but you also won't see me in baggy sweatpants. 
  • I like looking & feeling very feminine. 
  • I am 5 ' 3", petite, and have very few curves. So I like to wear more tailored things that help to give my body type a bit more defined lines.
  • I like things coordinated and well fitted but not matchy matchy. 
  • Skinny jeans are my main winter staple. You will NOT find any Mom jeans in my closet!
  • I like to keep my basics in neutral colors, but add interest & color with accessories.
  • My typical uniform are skinny jeans, a gray long-sleeve cotton tee tucked in a bit in the front, wedge booties, and a gold necklace & earrings. 
  • In the winter I am always cold, so I layer up with comfortable long sleeve tops and sweaters. I rarely wear dresses or skirts during the cold months. And I use scarves for warmth more so than fashion. However, I believe a good scarf can pull an outfit together.
  • I do not like to spend a lot on my clothes. You won't find any designer brands in my closet. 

The photos above represent a small portion of my winter capsule, but definitely some of the most worn. All of these items can be mix-and-matched, including the shoes. I really thought through what I wear the most on a typical week and it was basically a 6-3-3 model..... Six tops, three pants, and three shoes. 

Clothing sources (going Left to Right, top to bottom):

Gray sweater (J. Crew Factory)  //  Charcoal Gray Long sleeve Tee (Old Navy)  //  Cream Long Sleeve Tee (H&M)  //  Faux Fur Collared Wrap Sweater (Old Navy)  //  Beige Wrap Cardigan (Thrifted)  // Creme Cable Knit Sweater -OLD! (American Eagle)  //  Gray Skinnies (American Eagle)  //  Denim Skinnies (American Eagle)  //  Black Skinnies (H&M)  //  Mid-calf Brown Boots (Macy's)  //  Wedge Booties (Target)  //  All-Weather Boots (LL Bean)  //  Blanket Scarf (Aerie)

And here is my basic "uniform" for Winter using pieces mentioned above.

That outfit makes it easy to layer on this heavy coat which I have also been living in lately:

Coat is by Steve Madden (found at Marshall's). I find that it goes with everything.

And there you have it. I will try to do this kind of recap at the end of each season. Bring on Spring!



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