The Songwriter

Monday, February 9, 2015

My daughter.

My first born.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it on this blog before but she loves writing songs. She will write all the lyrics and the melody herself. And if you ask her, she will even sing them for you. No, actually... she will perform them for you. I can't wait for her to start guitar lessons soon so she can pull it all together. It's so crazy fun to hear the lyrics she writes when she has had so few years of life to draw upon for inspiration. What she doesn't realize is that the best lyrics come from many solid years of life lived - when you've experienced both the highest peaks as well as the achiest valleys. Just ask Taylor. Cause the haters gonna hate, hate, hate.

A few of sister's select titles include, "There's No Place Like Home" in which she draws on her experiences of going away on long (7 day) trips to the beach and Disney World and the sheer joy she finds when she finally returns home. I think we all can relate. Another is called "Think About Your Heart" in which she belts out her desire for all her friends to know that it's what's inside your heart that really matters. I was rather proud of that one since that has been a common topic of discussion in this house lately.

She will spend a solid hour sitting with her songbook and pen-in-hand - singing through melody ideas, tweaking it until it works, scribbling down words as they come to her mind. I kinda want to pinch myself because the idea of having a songwriter in the family makes me giddy. If she loves music even half as much as I do, I will be a pretty excited. We listen to all kinds of music in this house. She hears gospel, hip-hop, worship, country, classical, folk, pop... all of it. I love being an early influencer in that way.

So today, I want to record this detail of her 7-year-old life. Songwriting is her heartbeat. If the hobby doesn't last, of course that's okay. But I'm so glad I get to witness her get passionate about something and chase after it.

And you better believe I am keeping that songbook in my collection of her childhood treasures. All the insanely articulate (and misspelled) words are the most endearing thing you've ever seen.


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