Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happenings at our house this week include vacation planning (yep, already dreaming of summer), a brand new blank slate of a room in my house to decorate (details coming soon!), the crockpot is putting in a lot of hours, and so is the fireplace. I can't say I've done my hair once this week. Or worn any other shoes besides my snow boots. But I sure am cozy.

I am more aware than ever before about my tendency to slip into Seasonal Affective Disorder (a.k.a. serious winter blues). So I'm taking a few preventative measures... and so far, so good. I am eating well, attending Barre classes, forcing myself to take brisk walks outdoors (albeit short ones), but it's amazing what fresh air does for your body. I have several strategically scheduled anchor points of fun on the calendar. These include a girls trip this weekend and a special date night with the Hubs later this month. I am (mostly) sticking to my social commitments instead of hibernating like a polar bear.

Now all I need to do is hit the library for a pile of new books.

And you know I've been listening to good music. I'll make you a new playlist soon but until then, check out this beautiful song and this one too.


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  1. I hear ya -- SAD is tough to handle. But fresh air really does help, even if it's cold enough to freeze your nostril hair! And vacation planning helps too. :)


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