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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Journal c/o Words Worth Noting

A few months ago, my friend Kristi threw out the idea of a girls weekend in Asheville, NC where our little newly formed "mastermind group" could spend a few days together writing, dreaming, planning, and goal setting. Since Kristi already lives there, she coordinated a beautiful place for us to stay and all Kitty and I had to do was fly into town. And guys, we actually made it happen. The Dads stepped up and the flights got booked.


For me this trip was a breath of fresh air. I have never been one who enters the new year with a whole lot of vision or energy to craft new habits, or kick old ones. But there's nothing like a change of scenery and the company of other like-minded women to remember how much grace there is. But also, how much being with them energizes me. All of us get into ruts. All of us love our families, but need time away. All of us need community to keep our dreams afloat.

I came there feeling very creatively dry. But I think it's important to surround yourself with people who dream bigger than you and who challenge you. So I left feeling so filled up. It was a great mix of relaxation, conversation, and concrete planning. I am the kind of person who hates overly structured timelines, but needs SOME kind of accountability to stay on track. So I love that these two women some how struck the perfect balance of that very thing. We have a fun synergy, both in our casual conversation, as well as when it comes to applying our strengths to whatever project we're working on.

It was the kind of atmosphere where you could name your crazy ideas and dreams out loud and they would respond with "I think that's a great fit for you. Let's talk that through. Let's think about how that tangibly looks in terms of next steps." And can I just say... that is SUPER helpful for this girl who is a good activator, but a bad implementer and finisher.

I can't tell you how refreshing it was to meet up, in a small non-intimidating group of three, with other confident 30-something moms & wives. All three of us come with different life experiences and testimonies and dysfunctions. Declaring that just because we are in the thick of mothering young ones and wrestling with the fact that our time is not our own yet, we still have many future years of producing something beautiful with our gifts. And our desire is to glorify God in the process.

Life is beautiful. Share your guts with people you trust. Fly someplace you've never been. Speak your dreams out loud. Expect both trials and blessings along the way.

And just in case you ever find yourself in Asheville, here are some fun spots we hit this weekend:

Farm Burger - Organic Burgers & fries with local ingredients
Rhubarb - Farm to table American food
Biscuit Head - Homemade biscuits with unique toppings - excellent choice for brunch!
Zambra - Tapas
City Church Asheville - An amazing new church pastored by Kristi's husband!

And thanks to these fantastic artists who were kind enough to send us such inspiring items from their shops for use on our retreat. We felt so loved!

From left to right:   Print via Fresh Entity  //  Mug & Journal via Lettered Life  //  Journal via Words Worth Noting


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