Advent Begins

Monday, December 1, 2014

So I have a pretty strong preference to not think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over. I know that's not everyone's strategy. But to me, waiting until then helps to keep the season of Advent that much more special. If I start decorating and singing Christmas songs in mid November, I get pretty sick of it all well before December 25th.

But now that Thanksgiving is over, I want to do ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS!

This weekend we found the cutest Christmas Tree farm (covered in a white blanket of festive fresh snow might I add!) and we cut down our perfect tree! This was the first time our little family had cut down the tree ourselves. We had the best time scouting out all the Frasier Firs and claiming the one that was meant to come home with us. The whole event was capped off by a tractor hayride through the snow-covered tree farm. It was all just so magical. I love starting new traditions for the four of us. This will definitely be the kick-off to our Christmas season every year from now on.

And so begins Advent. My prayer is always that I will focus more on preparing my heart for Jesus than I will on preparing my calendar to cram in as many events as possible.

I don't want this Christmas to fly by and all I think about is the cute songs, and fun parties, and snow and lights.  Sure, all of those things are lovely and keep me in the spirit.  But I long for a fall on your knees in awe and gratitude because God has sent a Savior, His own son to save me. In my utter weakness, I am finally free. There is now HOPE. I don't want to be so concerned with my shopping list, or with making sure my kids know all the verses and meaning behind them that I forget to let the hope of the season work in my own heart.  Prepare Him Room. That's my motto this month.

If you're looking for a great Family Advent Reading Plan for little ones, check out Kristi's plan. And you know I've been working on a Christmas Music playlist for ya, so be on the lookout for that tomorrow.

Merry Merry!


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  1. oh Bri I long for that fall on your knees in awe and gratitude too! (love the way you put that btw :))
    the balance between seeing and being thankful for the little things, and being mindful of the big things is so hard.
    and getting a Christmas tree is so much fun!! :D


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