My go-to Fall Outfit // Capsule Wardrobe Update

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's been a while since I've mentioned my Capsule Wardrobe. In case you haven't heard of the concept, a Capsule Wardrobe is a very small collection (usually less than 40 pieces) of only your absolute favorite pieces of versatile clothing. They can be mixed and matched and worn over and over. The rest of your clothes are donated or stashed in a bin out of site. And instead of shopping for clothes with my old way of thinking which was "the more the better", I now shop with a smaller, longer-lasting, more classic style in mind... "less is actually better". The less I have in my closet to choose from, the easier getting dressed is. And no surprise here - the less I have, the more content I feel. I'm loving it!

The last time I blogged about this, I had just removed about 60% of the clothes from my closet and was working on my Spring collection. Well I skipped showing you my summer outfits all together. Oops. And I realize it's a little late at this point to be talking about Fall clothes. As I type this it is 18 degrees in Pennsylvania and I have pulled out the heavy coats and sweaters already. But I wanted to share my go-to Fall outfit. See above photo. It's the one that I wore over and over for the past couple months.

Since lifestyle dictates wardrobe choices, my goal is always to be cute and comfortable. I am in a pretty casual season of life which is wonderful. So it's lots of skinny jeans and comfortable tops. Then I just layer on some fun stuff like an interesting jacket and a bright scarf. But the basic top and bottom stay the same.

Jeans: American Eagle   //  Top: Old Navy  //  Jacket: JouJou Brand found at Marshall's  // Shoes:  //  Scarf: Found at an Indianapolis Airport gift shop!  //  Bag: Marshall's  //  Belt: Forever 21

For pro tips on keeping your wardrobe minimal but fashionable, check out my favorite fashion blogger, Caroline from Un-Fancy.

Anyone else using a Capsule Wardrobe? I would love to see what you're wearing.


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