Ideas for One-on-One Time with your Kids

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Do you ever notice how you can get through an entire day and realize you didn't hear any one specific thing that your child said to you? Sure you heard words coming out of their mouths. But did you really acknowledge, listen, process and respond? I am guilty of responding to my kids with a lot of selective hearing and half-hearted, Mmhmm, sure Hun's, or a lot of, In a minute Hun, I can't right now's.

Anyone else?

This is why my Husband and I are huge proponents of making time for one-on-one dates with our children. So we can really listen and really see them........

This is an excerpt from my latest post over at Thrive Moms. To read the rest, click here. I share some additional benefits of alone time with your kids as well as lots of specific date ideas!


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