Thursday, November 6, 2014

At first I held him inside my belly, inseparable. Then I got to cradle his tiny infant body in my arms and he would fall right to sleep. Then as he grew, my fidgety toddler sat right on my hip. I got used to doing everything with my one free arm. And now, I hold his lanky 5-year-old body on my back. I'm missing his smallness, but loving his little-boyness.

Soon enough he'll be taller than me. But always my baby.

Soak up their smallness, mamas!


P.S. You can also find me over at Thrive Moms today. Here's an excerpt from my latest post:

"Do you ever yearn for something "essential" to happen to you? In an internal, profound, heart-changing kind of way? It's the slightly scary and adventurous prayers that I breathe quietly to the Lord that make me so giddy and expectant that he hears me."

I'm sharing my absolute favorite poem entitled Let Something Essential Happen to Me. Click here to check it out.


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