Race Weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

After months of ups and downs with training, my race weekend is finally here! I use the term "race" very loosely as I have no intention of competing against anyone else on the course. This is for me alone. My goal is simply to finish all 13.1 miles and enjoy the ride.

I am packing up this morning and praying for a nice few days of rest, hydration and good health before hitting that start line on Sunday morning. So thankful to have come this far. And thankful to know my husband and some friends will be waiting at the finish line.

Hard to believe that just six months ago, I had no idea a half-marathon would even be on my calendar. I LOVE that I can call myself a runner now. I'll be posting some pics after the race on my instagram account @sheiswoven.

Have a beautiful fall weekend everyone!



  1. Have a wonderful Race Bri!!!! Can't wait to here about your experience!

  2. Hey! Blessings on your race!! Will be praying for you on Sunday! HUGE HUGS!!


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