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Thursday, October 30, 2014

I remember falling in love with choirs and gospel music in high school. I was part of a touring choir that sang in lots of local churches in the surrounding areas of my hometown. I was a first soprano. It was such an impressionable time of my life and really influenced a lot of the music I love today. I remember the first time I heard Kirk Franklin at the age of 16. Chills. I have such respect for the art of directing a choir of voices in 4-part harmony. It becomes a full body worship experience for me.

Our current home church has an amazing choir of more than 60 voices and they wear traditional robes and sing their HEARTS out every week. You will find me with tears in my eyes almost every Sunday as the sound of voices in harmony singing to God moves me so deeply. At certain moments, you can actually look at my arm and see goosebumps appear. It's one of my dreams to see the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir live someday.

Gospel music is one of my favorite genres. This week I've put together a playlist for you of gospel influenced music. These are some of my favorites and you'll hear the influence of the choir voices in each song.


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