Nine Year Anniversary // A getaway to Marco Island, FL

Monday, September 8, 2014

9 years ago, we said "I do". I had no clue what that really meant. All I knew was that I was madly in love. And that's a force that makes you feel invinsible. But once the honeymoon butterflies wear off, you're left with real life. Life that includes moving to new cities, having babies that wear you down mentally and physically, buying houses, making budgets, dealing with work stress, and realizing that the person you married can't possibly be your everything.

There's been many realizations over the past 9 years. The most important being that marriage is hard, beautiful WORK. It's a daily choice to love an imperfect, sinful person and know that in turn, you're just as imperfect and sinful and hard to love. But day-by-day, you do it anyway. You love through the easy times and the hard times and the mundane times. You hold hands even when you don't feel like it. You overlook the quirks that drive you crazy. You trust that God designed marriage this way. And that the hard work is actually the blessing. It gives you character, and depth, and wisdom. It makes your bond stronger.

Last week, Husband and I flew to Marco Island, Florida and spent five beautiful days together. Without the kids! What an amazing trip. It was the first time we left without a lot of guilt over the kids actually. They are at great ages where I knew it was time to prioritize some time alone. We celebrated our 9th anniversary. Nine years of choosing each other. We had a chance to reflect on all the ways our hard work has paid off. We've grown up so much in 9 years. #MarriageMaintenance

As you can see, the sunsets were indescribable. Photos just don't do them justice. And besides enjoying the amazing scenery, we sat by the pool for hours, read books, went on jogs together, and of course... we ate and ate and ate some more. We highly recommend the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort & Spa!

We are the kind of couple that appreciates the small touches that a large resort takes the time to put in place. For example, one night around 11:30, I had a craving for a brownie sundae but the only place you could get one was at this fun Outdoor Bar on the property called "Quinn's on the Beach". I didn't feel like getting dressed and going down to the Bar though so my husband called and asked if they could make it to go for us. They were happy to do it. Such a small little thing but really made our night extra special. The whole resort was absolutely beautiful. Accommodations were top notch. We have nothing but glowing things to say about the entire experience.

And with this trip, I have found some closure of my favorite season - ahhh Summer I will miss you. But I am home and ready for all the beauty of Fall. And I am ready to keep loving my man!



  1. Wow, Bri, these photos are so gorgeous. Huge congrats on 9 years! Our 5th is the first weekend we are back in the states - can't wait!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. And you're correct. The sunsets there are beautiful.


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