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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oh October...

I wait for you all year. Bring on the boots, scarves, smores, chili, pumpkin candles, football, and fires in the fireplace! Can't wait to soak up all 31 days of you.

There are a few fun things coming up this month.

  • I'm excited (and nervous) about doing my very first mini-session photoshoot for a few local families this weekend! I've always taken photos as a hobby. This will be my first attempt at providing a service. I recently watched this awesome video on the MOPS website and just decided to be brave and try something that feels a little risky but worth trying!
  • My "baby" is turning FIVE in a couple weeks so we're planning a little celebration for him. 
  • And finally, after several months of training, my half-marathon is on October 19th! I've had a few setbacks along the way but I'm just excited to push myself and reach a goal that I didn't think was attainable. Again... I'm feeling brave lately. :)
And I am loving our current weekly rhythm. It feels full and new and balanced. I just need to stay productive. I'm not consistent at knocking out my to-do list every day. But I'm taking little steps to help me stay on track. October always seems to magnify the simple art in everyday moments, big and small. 


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