To the dirt we will return

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

There's an amazing song by Florida Georgia Line called "Dirt" and it's been on repeat in my house lately. In reference to the dirt of the earth that we live and work on, there's a line that goes,

"You've mixed some sweat with it, 
Taken a shovel to it,
You've stuck some crosses and some painted goal posts through it.
You know you came from it,
And some day you'll return to it." 

It's a great reminder (and such a biblical reference actually) about how we're only here for a short time. We were made from the dirt, given authority over the soil and the earth, called to make a life here and give it all back to God, and then finally... we return to the dirt. And return to God.

I spent Saturday on my sister's new boat with my family in pure bliss. We blasted country music, watched the kids and their cousins swim and jump and search for lake treasures washed up on the shore. I laid on a raft for hours soaking up the sun and warmth and laughing at my brother-in-laws tell stories. I am a summer girl through and through. I just lived in the moment. And after hours of being docked at a perfect little spot, we sailed back as the sun was going down. I watched my husband learn to drive the boat as he chatted with my little sisters. I put my feet up, and soaked in the view of the orange sky and warm breeze against my face. And I thought to myself - every painfully cold day I spent this past winter was worth it just to have a day like today. I appreciate warm days so much more now.

My brother-in-law was teaching me that although the boat is capable of driving much faster, he kept it at a steady pace of 8 miles per hour on purpose. If we went any faster, we would burn so much more fuel and the gas mileage would be inefficient. This meant it would take us much longer to reach our destination of Shark Tooth Beach. But I loved that because it meant we could soak up the scenery for so much longer. I have such a tendency to want to get to my destination as fast as possible. I miss so many things. If only I had the patience to cruise through life at a speed that would allow me to really see and enjoy what's around me. And not only that, but what if I did it in a way that didn't burn all my energy too quickly and at a wasteful cost?

 To the dirt we will return. 

I want so badly to love and live and appreciate this life of mine. And not rush. I want to truly learn that the bad days makes the good days so much sweeter. There's such a difference between happiness and joy. And joy is so much deeper and powerful. This weekend was such a gift. A reminder that my present self needs to FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS. Soon we will return to the dirt. In the meantime, I want to roll up my sleeves so I can toil and sweat and grow something beautiful.


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    1. Thank you sweet friend. Mine too actually. :)

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