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Thursday, August 21, 2014

So remember back when I was gushing about how much I loooooooved running? Yes, well - the honeymoon is over. Reality has set in. Reality being this nagging knee pain whenever I run longer than 5 miles and just some overall burn out.

I shot out of the gate too early and too fast fueled only by my new found love of the endorphins it released, and all the newness and luster of discovering I can do something I didn't realize I could do. And I still do love running. I love it a lot actually. What I don't love is when my mind is totally willing to run 10 miles but my body (knees specifically) won't let me. So I'm just here to be real today. I am discouraged. My runs have been getting harder lately instead of easier. I've still got eight weeks to go until my half-marathon but I'm sad because I know I have to pull back a bit on my training. It's not worth injuring my knees. So I'm resting more, running shorter distances, and doing a bit more stretching. And that's ok. I know every runner has aches and pains to work through. So I'm not giving up. Just doing a little TLC and hoping my mind & body will decide to agree soon.

It's pretty easy to focus on all the positives actually. Strong legs and lungs and time alone. For an hour to listen to my favorite music and enjoy the scenery as I run. Trying out new routes, and making fun playlists. And the thing I am most thankful for is that my motivation to complete this race has not waned. If anything, this setback is making me even more determined.

Can't stop, won't stop. 

But for real, if any of my running friends have suggestions for relieving knee pain, please let me know!



  1. Hey Bri-- I was side lined last year with severe knee pain, it has always been a problem for me. It was to the point my doctor was doing x-rays on both for stress fractures (thankfully that wasn't the case.) It hurt so badly I couldn't imagine being able to run pain free again.
    The biggest thing that helped my knees was getting the correct shoe and insert (being evaluated at our local running store), taking some days off to let my knees calm down, and cross training to strengthen glutes (doing clamshells and other similar exercises). I have a brace also that I use on reeeeaaally long runs (it's a bit different from yours, I tried yours and they didn't help me:( My doctor ordered it but I got an extra one on Amazon!
    I still ice my knees at night after long runs. But literally the minute my shoes start wearing out, I get pain in my knees.
    Not saying any of this pertains to you but I hope it may help! 8 weeks is plenty of time to be prepared for your half, esp with the amt of mileage you are able to cover already! Be encouraged, it's a minor speed bump and will help get you stronger--you got this!

    1. It's hopeful to hear that you came back strong after some serious aches and pains! I did some research this week and think it's just the common ITBS issue in my IT band so I got a foam roller and will plan to do more cross-training and barre to strengthen my glutes and quads in hopes of getting all my leg muscles more balanced out. And yes, shoes are SO important, I know! I am wearing fairly new Asics that weren't exactly cheap! But I should maybe consider an insert of some kind. Thanks SO much for your words of encouragement and for filling me in more on your story. You are a running inspiration to me! :)

  2. Bri! I've been following your blog for many years and I enjoy watching you kids grow up! I hope that life is treating you and your family well.
    I've discovered running in April 2013 and I ran my first half-marathon in Pittsburgh in May of this year. Google Jeff Galloway's Half-Marathon training and read about his run/walk method. When I train and run races anything over 3 mile, I use the run/walk method. I run straight through the first three miles of any run then I switch to run/walk. I run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 minute, repeating this this until I reach my training goal or the finish line. When you run races, look around at the other people, many people use the run/walk method!
    In addition to running, I do kettlebell and TRX 3 nights a week for my cross training and this has really helped with building muscle and core strength, which in turn has helped my running.
    ~Shannon Indof

    1. Hey Shannon! How are you guys doing??? I hear your family has expanded! Thanks so much for commenting and especially for reading my blog for several years...yay!! Makes my day to hear that! Thanks so much for all your helpful advice. You are now the second person to recommend Galloway's walk/run method so I am going to give it some serious consideration. It's just not worth an injury! I've never done kettle ball but I do definitely need to build my core so I will have to look into that as well. Thanks again! :)

  3. i have terrible knee pain too, and my knees crack every step i take up the stairs. please share your wisdom when you figure it out!

    1. Ok Grace, I finally figured out that I have an issue with my IT band (wiki that, it's kinda complicated). Anyway, it's pretty common when all your various leg muscles have various different levels of strength. It throws your knees way out of whack. Anyway, I am researching some PT exercises and will let you know how it goes. So sorry to hear you have knee pain too. Booooo! :(

  4. I am so sorry to hear this! I love your words here:

    "Strong legs and lungs and time alone. For an hour to listen to my favorite music and enjoy the scenery as I run. Trying out new routes, and making fun playlists. And the thing I am most thankful for is that my motivation to complete this race has not waned."

    My vote is to focus your mind here. I don't have knee issues, but I do have a hip flexor flare ups. It helps me if I increase my intake on water, focus on the positives {like your above words} and remember that my running is more for my insides than my out. I stop stressing over times and how fast it felt. I slow down and focus on movement. It also helps to add in some less joint stress activities. Biking or swimming thrown into the mix. Hope this helps! Also, I would love to know how you are enjoying being a part of The Influence Network. I have peeked around at it, and am curious about joining. Any opinions you would have to offer would be swell!

    Happy feets to you!

    .mac :)

    1. Ohhhh thank you so much for these encouraging words! I definitely need to focus on the positive. It could be WAY worse. I am researching some PT exercises though and I'm hopeful that I'll find a solution of some kind. And oh girl, The Influence Network is so so good. I haven't used the forums much lately but used to all the time. The entire community is just so inviting and friendly. And one of my fave things they do are the online classes. They have 6 or 7 per month and you just log in through Google Chat and watch the live video on various different topics on life, faith and blogging. I just love their vision of making the most of your online life and they truly do want God to have the glory. Let me know if you have any other specific questions about it!


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