I am an E.N.F.P. What are you?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Not much to share with you today other than to let you know that I'm excited about some new projects in the works for this blog and for reopening my design shop and services in a whole new way. I hesitate to put a date on when all that will come to fruition because well... I'm an ENFP who tends to get super pumped about something and then fizzles out quickly. It also means I tend to make decisions and take action based on my feelings on any given day. And sometimes I don't feel like doing anything on my to-do list. I don't love this about myself but it's pretty crazy how accurate this description of me is. Any other ENFP's out there? Or if you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, please tell me what it is! 

Other than that I will just tell you some things that are making me happy this week in no particular order...

Sunflowers from the Farmers Market.
Alone time with my little man while big sister is at school all day.
McDonald's french fries.
This song and this song.
Bath & Body Works Candles.
A freshly laundered Comforter.
KT Tape for my aching runner's knees.
Cute new Aerie undies.
Stumbling upon my exact wedding band on Etsy. I didn't buy mine on Etsy but it still makes me smile to see it there!



  1. I need to take the test! There's no telling where I'll end up on the spectrum. I am a mutt of sorts. Love the flowers and seeing you on IG from time to time. Happy Labor Day weekendiing to you!

    .mac :)

  2. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! So pumped to hear more.

  3. INF....P! For years I thought I was a J but recently realized I am P-er than P. Ah well. Follow-through isn't everything, right?

  4. I am an ENFJ .....used to be T but recently retook it! :)


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