I chased a Sunset

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I chased this sunset last night.

I had left my Barre class just moments after a gusty torrential downpour had set in. I got soaked running to my car and couldn't believe how dark the sky was at that moment. And being twenty minutes from home meant I decided to drive very slow. But a few minutes down the road, the rain started to ease up and the sky started to glow. It looked like the brightest shade of orange I had ever seen. But I couldn't find a full view of it as I was driving south. There were so many tall and dense trees along the highway. By this time it was 8:40pm, so I drove a little faster knowing that I would be facing west once I made a right turn at an intersection closer to my house. The sun was already so low and I didn't want to miss the final moments of the show -- the sky in all it's post-storm glory.

I finally made the turn, and could see a bigger glimpse of the fiery skyline but not quite everything.  I continued down the road determined to find the perfect view. Then finally, a big clearing of trees opened up and I saw it. I literally had to pull over and take it all in. I stopped the car, took this photo, and lingered for a few minutes.

After arriving home I wasn't surprised to find that, once again, giant tree branches covered our yard and our power was out.  For the second time in less than a week. But this time I didn't even care. Because it felt like God was trying to get my attention. Just like I often do when one of my kids is too engrossed in an activity to hear my words and notice my presence, I offer a distraction they can't ignore.

I felt like God was asking (forcing) me to unplug and pay attention. Be present. Listen. I fail so miserably at that most days.  But he knows my heart and knows that a sunset show like this would be the perfect way to remind me of his power and artistry. It was a reminder that no distraction on my iPhone, or a selfish ambition, or fleeting earthly pleasure can compare to knowing the personal love of an all-powerful God. He knows me. He sees me. And he wants me to see him too.



  1. Reading this brought into my mind memories of my sunset chase late last fall :) I saw part of it out of the kitchen window, and I thought, I will go and get a few pictures of it. So I left the house with a camera, and no coat, thinking I would be back in one minute. But when I got to the place where I thought I would capture it, I realized I could get a better picture if I went farther northwest.... I was running down the street, hair flying, what a sight I must have been lol! finally about 10 or so minutes later I got back, freezing cold(!!) but with several great pictures and a new appreciation for the beauty of God.
    thanks for sharing your story Bri! I always love it when God gives us reminders like that! :)
    and sunsets... they happen every evening (some more spectacular than others, true) but how often do we stop to breathe in their proclamation of God's glory. they are truly one of the most gorgeous things!

  2. This is an awesome picture. I love that you chased it down.


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