A Children's eBook review // One Tooth Tim & Pirate Jim

Saturday, July 12, 2014

So do you guys have friends in your life who just seem to be the most interesting, talented family? Not only do they love each other well, but they have gifts and passions that they actively share with the community around them?

Well that is exactly who the Doerfler Family is. Jamye is one of my closest friends and I have witnessed first hand how genuine and intentional they are about living life, following their dreams, and being an encouragement to others.

Sometime last year, Jamye mentioned to me that her husband Peter had decided to take the bedtime adventure stories he had been making up for his three sons and turn them into a book. I immediately loved the idea. Peter is a multi-talented guy -- a pastor, musician, songwriter, and now storyteller-turned-author. It's been fun to watch them work through the process of turning this story into an eBook.

I recently got the opportunity to read Peter's book, One Tooth Tim and Pirate Jim to my son and was blown away. It's the story of two young Pirates (and best friends) who go on an adventure to find answers about the mysterious characters they encounter, and to save their beloved town of Ipswitch. It's got a great mix of humor, mystery and adventure and makes the perfect read aloud at bedtime.

My son, who happens to love Pirates, enjoyed it so much and still reminds me about the parts that made him laugh and his favorite characters. The book is recommended for children ages 4 through 9, and both boys and girls would love it! The author's style of writing makes it easy to read aloud and even gives you the opportunity to try your hand at authentic Pirate voices. Well I tried at least! We enjoyed reading it over the course of several days, always leaving us hanging and wanting more as each new secret is revealed.

You can purchase the book here and it's available for your Kindle, Nook, or on iBooks. And if your kids are like mine, they will enjoy the coloring pages that go along with the book!

I'm so proud of Peter and Jamye for always being excited to put their art into the world. It inspires me to do the same and to never stop pursuing my creative dreams.


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