The D-man

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's this guy's last day of school. As much as I fought it, he insisted on losing his baby face over the course of the school year. He just went ahead and turned into a full fledged little boy.

He is my free spirit. My happy-go-lucky guy. He's got an infectious laugh and has the best sense of humor. He is even learning to detect Daddy's sarcasm. I love this age because he is becoming more and more independent, yet he still needs me so much.  Last week at the beach, he insisted that I not help him navigate the tides and surf while playing in the ocean with the big kids. But after 45 minutes of hard work dodging and jumping those waves, he fell into my arms and needed a good cuddle and rest. Oh how I treasure him.

And I'm proud of my Buddy who earned the preschool superlative of "Best Listener" today at his end-of-year celebration.  Say whaaat?! 

Love you D-man.



  1. Bri, I love reading your blog! (And regret not commenting more frequently!) Your photography is so beautiful and I love reading your insightful commentary on motherhood and marriage. Let me know if you'll be in Pittsburgh soon. Would love to connect with you! xoxo

    1. Natalie - I miss you! Thank you so much for your kind comments about my blog! I would LOVE to get together next time I'm in the Burgh!

  2. Yay D!!! You are growing up into such a handsome sweet boy!!!

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