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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Here's a few things I've been Reading, Listening, and Loving lately....

1. As much as I love reading online publications, blogs and news sites, I still LOVE holding a magazine in my hand and flipping through the pages. This one is absolutely gorgeous and has tons of inspiration.

2. I am madly in love with these t-shirts and the ministry behind them! More on this shop is coming to the blog soon.

3. This is the next book waiting for me on my nightstand. Can't wait to dive in.

4. Have you guys seen the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"? It's so so good! I am kind of in love with the whole idea of chasing adventure and finding your passion and traveling and trying new scary things and not settling for a life of least resistance. This movie got me fired up. And the movie soundtrack is absolutely beautiful. Listen on Spotify. It's on repeat in my house this week.

5. I've been researching Half Marathon training schedules and came across this site with some schedules as well as some great running playlists.

6. A fave new (to me) blog is Vallerina Creative. I especially loved her take on the capsule wardrobe.

7. A fave new instagram feed.

Happy Weekend friends.


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