An Easy Outdoor Tent for Summertime Lounging

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I were obsessed with finding a "club house" in the neighborhood. Our club houses were anything from a little hideout between trees, to a corner of my Dad's shed, or a rigged up collection of boards and blankets. We even had a secret password, which essentially meant nothing but it sounded cool. We would bring toys, and giggle, and imagine we were adventurers.

Well perhaps I haven't outgrown this desire for a secret clubhouse. Because every summer I build one for my kids. Here are the super easy steps I used this time:

1. I grabbed some bungee straps I found in the garage and linked them between two trees in our yard. That created a ceiling.

2. I then draped some blankets and quilts across to create the walls and secured them with clothespins and chip clips. Whatever you have around!

3. Then I laid another quilt down on the inside of the tent to make the floor.

4. Throw in some pillows, books, musical instruments, toys and snacks.

And you've got an easy lounging tent that your kids will love. Also moms will love it. We hung out in there alllll day. And the nice thing is that it's easy to take down when you're ready.

Happy Summer Lounging.



  1. What a sweet memory made! Such pretty pictures!

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