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Monday, May 12, 2014

A couple months ago, Husband and I were on a double date with our best friends and Erin brought up the idea of us running in the Delaware Marathon together as a 4-person relay team.  Each of us would run 6.5 miles to complete a whole marathon.  "Wow!", I thought. That distance is a  s t r e t c h  for me. I am not a runner. I do 30 minute jogs at a time and those aren't frequent enough to consider it a normal part of my workout routine. I would guess the farthest distance I have ever run is maybe 3 miles. But for some reason, her suggestion that we take on this challenge as a team really excited me. So none of us really hesitated in agreeing to sign up. And I'm so glad we did it!

I was nervous that it would be a very slow and painful run. But surprisingly, I felt great the whole time!  It was way more enjoyable than I expected and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I think it was a combination of having the most gorgeous 70 degree day, the beautiful changing scenery of the city, and also the fact that my sweet mommy was covering me in prayer the entire morning.

My team! So thankful for these friends.

Kiddos were there cheering me on for Mothers Day.

This is how excited I was at the start of my leg of the race. A bit perky, no?

And I definitely learned that running is very much a mental thing. When I set an expectation that I would run 6.5 miles, I did it.  Usually I start running with no real goal or distance in mind.  I just go until I feel bored or tired. But when I had a set goal in mind, I stuck to it.  I think this will be my strategy the next time I run. I may think 5 miles feels long before I start, but if I set my mind to that distance, I think I will be more likely to keep going.

And if you know me, you know music was also a key component in keeping my energy up. I tend to workout to a mixture of pop & hip hop. Here's the playlist I used yesterday if you're interested!

Do you run? How do you stay motivated when you're not running an actual organized race? How do you tell yourself to keep going even when no one is watching or counting on you to finish? I would love your advice!

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  1. I'm so glad you loved it!
    You look good
    and your playlist is sick. Subscribing now.


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