Establishing a Rhythm of Rest // Thrive Moms Post

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I think we all would agree that we'd love to incorporate more rest into the rhythm of our week, right?  But the ironic thing that our modern generation of mothers faces is that rest, the very thing that gives us life and energy to accomplish all those important motherly things, is the one gift we often deny ourselves. Even when there's opportunity to take rest, we don't do it. Why is that?...

Read the rest of this post over at Thrive Moms where I list eight practical ways to add rest into the rhythm of your family life!



  1. Really good stuff, Bri! So true. I spent the first few years trying so hard to be something more or other, like you said. I felt like such a waste of a human. And I thought productivity would meet the need. Of course it left me more tired and frustrated than ever. :) I appreciate your words of inspiration and hope!

    1. Laura thank you for this! I feel like we have about the same age kids so perhaps its a certain time that every mother goes through in the early years? Like the whole burnt out phase? And maybe we're still wading through that. But I've definitely felt a release as the kids have gotten a bit older. I feel more confident and comfortable in my role? I don't know. But I'm thankful God chose to teach me that rest is an actual gift from Him!


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