Friday, May 9, 2014

Reflecting this morning on the beauty and raw emotion of bringing a child into this world. I'll never forget how in the span of one moment, I went from total concentration on the pushing, to full out bawling tears of elation as my babies were pulled out into the light. Where you finally take a deep breath and cry and kiss your husband and fall desperately in love with this little person that you don't even know yet.  I'll never fully grasp how extraordinary and complex that process is. It's like the full max force of physical and emotional exertion placed on a woman's body -- where the fiercest love and fear and physical exhaustion collide. And it feels absolutely amazing. 

Happy Mother's Day weekend, all you strong mamas!  Here's a special song for you.

I Get to Be the One by JJ Heller on Grooveshark

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