What my Generation of Mothers Needs to Remember

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I loved this quote I came across recently...

"Parenthood is an ideal place for sanctification in our lives.  It's an area of our life which we so desperately try to control.  In a culture which relies on instant access to knowledge and facts, many of us turn to blogs, articles, tweets, and pins to find the solutions to the everyday challenges of raising children. We rely on our books, systems, and programs and when they fail, we despair or begin the search all over again. At least that's what I've done. And then God opened my eyes to see that something else was going on beneath the surface of my parenting challenges. I learned the reason why parenthood is often so hard - God uses parenthood to strip away our independence and the sin that keeps us from abiding in him.  My true need wasn't to find the perfect 'get your child to sleep' system or the best potty training program or even the top ten ways to get my kids to clean up after themselves, rather it was to see my desperate need to rely on the grace of God."
-Christina Fox of Desiring God

I think our generation of mothers (most especially myself) is embedded in this whole culture of online access and social media and blogging. Where it's so easy to find a blog post on any parenting topic imaginable. You can pin advice, tweet advice, and instagram your fantastic advice with a few easy clicks. And often we forget that answers to our deepest heart struggles or fears when it comes to motherhood is actually found when we rely less on the advice of "experts" from the internet, and more on the grace of God.  And by that I mean his unmerited favor, loving-kindness, and endless mercy on me as I parent my children - despite my sin, imperfection and limited wisdom. 

And I want to live with the simple truth that raising children will shape us, the parents, just as much as it will shape the children we're entrusted with. Although blogs and parenting books are good and helpful and beautiful resources, I don't want to rely solely on those.  I want to have full faith that God will fill in the gaps of my imperfections with his grace. I want to actively be aware of my need for this grace.  I want to move toward it instead of stumbling into it as a last desperate option when I get to the end of my rope. 

These are just some thoughts swirling around in my head this week as I face new things and realize I know nothing.  I have no expertise to share on this blog when it comes to parenting. All I have are my stories and experiences and humble words as I process through them. 



  1. Praising the Lord for our perfect parent, our Heavenly Father and His Spirit, the indwelling power to parent! I love these words and I love youuuuu.

    1. Thank you Kitty, you constantly inspire me with how quickly you've caught up on the learning curve that is parenting. LOVE YOU

  2. i love this so much. ' I want to move toward it instead of stumbling into it as a last desperate option when I get to the end of my rope.' something i must remember. running to Him in the mornings before any of it begins, having Him shower me with grace that i can to shower them with grace. love it.

    1. Thank you Leah! It's so freeing isn't it? It lifts the burden of doing this whole thing alone. Because we simply can't. It's not our strength, but His. Thanks for always leaving such insightful and kind comments!


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