Reading & Listening // 4.23.14

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

L   I   S   T   E   N   I   N   G

Left to Right: 
Ed Sheeran, "X"  //  Ingrid Michaelson, "Lights Out"  //
Needtobreathe, "Rivers in the Wasteland"  //  Sam Smith, "In the Lonely

Just a bit of what I'm listening to this week.  There are sooo many great NEW albums out right now.  Sam Smith is a new favorite and Ed Sheeran has been a fave for a while now.  His latest stuff is amazing.

And here's a fun playlist I made this week with some of the artists above and as well as some other songs I'm loving lately.

R   E   A   D   I   N   G 

And this week I am reading and loving The Joy Project.  So inspired by photojournalism!



  1. Replies
    1. Yay! I love sharing them with everyone! :)

  2. I always enjoy seeing the music everyone is into…do you know about Noise Trade? You can download music for free (don't think Napster!), and the artists just ask you to tip them if you like it. I'm addicted. Oh, and they also have books. EEEK. I've recently discovered Waterdeep. Soooo, good.

    1. Yes, I Loooooove NoiseTrade! Never heard of Waterdeep though. Will have to check them out! Thx!


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