Baby steps

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I love these two sweet friends.

Since it's spring break, sister is at her very first sleepover tonight. This is big for her. Her friend's fab Mom was brave enough to take on the giggle squad for a whole night. That is IF I don't get a phone call at midnight to come and get her.  We'll see...

But it's an opportunity to experience a little independence, which I think is important. The goal of parenting, after all, is to get your baby chicks ready to experience life outside the four walls of home.

I'm thinking a night of playing barbies, watching movies, baking cookies, and doing art projects won't feel like too much of a stretch from being at home... But baby steps right?


And speaking of friends, check out my latest post over at Thrive Moms on the good, hard intentional work of friendship and being truly known.


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