This Week

Thursday, March 20, 2014

We are having a quiet week around here.  Glad that Spring is on the way and glad to have a rhythm back to our week that includes some time to play outside.  We like having our grass back after two solid months of it being covered in snow. 

Some things that are making me happy this week are red tulips on my kitchen table, diet cokes from McDonald's drive-thru, dinner out with my family at our favorite Irish Pub, watching my daughter paint, the fact that I am no longer sore the day after I take a Barre class (progress!), Dancing with the Stars is back on, and my toes are now painted a pretty shade of coral.

It's the little things.



  1. amen! it truly is the little things :) thank-you for sharing :)
    and btw your little girl is getting so grown up ;)

    1. Yes, so glad you agree! And thanks so much for leaving such a kind comment. I'm still not sure how I have a 6-year-old. :)

  2. Coral. My most favorite color of all. Love your focus on the little things. I keep a running # of little things that bring me joy. #lifeisbiginthelittle I try use social media for reminders of good. Of growing. Of happy too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    .mac :)

  3. She is pretty. Your family is so artistic and fun!

    1. Ashlee you are the sweetest! I told you my daughter's name is Ashley right? So every time I see your face and name I just smile. ;)


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