Snow Days are the new Monday

Monday, March 3, 2014


I am going to try and spare you my continued complaints about snow, freezing cold temps, cancelled school, and lack of a normal rhythm to our week.  Or that we have had a snow day for the past four straight Mondays. But we are about 75% done with winter.  That, plus the fact that we're only 11 weeks from a beach vacation are two important facts that are sustaining me right now.

But because Snow days are the new Mondays, we woke up as usual, to a blanket of white covering our town and a voice mail from the superintendent letting us know what we already expected... no school. Thankfully I was a bit more prepared this time after hitting Michael's over the weekend for some craft supplies.  Sister enjoyed some beginner's embroidery using these easy plastic canvases.  That, along with some perler beads, paint by number books, playdough, and movies, and we are good to go. 

Thankful for a warm house and a husband who has already called from work and offered to grab some takeout on his way home because he knows those little things lift my spirits.

Oh March, please be kind. :)


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