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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that all of you beautiful mamas reading this have at some point experienced a day that you would like to erase completely from the books.  Am I right?  Maybe it was the tone of voice you chose with the kids?  Maybe it was the crushing exhaustion that wiped out any ounce of strength you had left to do the hard work of disciplining that day.  Maybe you chose to give in to anger? Maybe you were the worst model of self-control in the world?  Or perhaps you chose your own needs over the needs of your kids that day.  Can you tell I am writing from experience here?! We all know that the tone for the day is set pretty early in the morning.  And if it happens to be one of chaos and defeat, it seems to derail the whole day.

Something I didn't learn until a couple years into motherhood was this simple truth; that I have the power to set, and change, the tone in our home during the day.  Despite a rough start, despite my kids actions. Despite my circumstances.

Want to read more about how I tangibly change the tone in our home?  Find the rest of this post over at Thrive Moms where I'm guest posting today. And psssst... there are two really amazing playlists over there as well.  :)


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