Be With What Is

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I did a M.O.P.S. talk last year about the importance of the rhythms of rest and reflection in our lives.  During my research, I referenced a book called "Sacred Rhythms" by Ruth Haley Barton.  In the book, the author said something that I thought was so profound...

"One of the most important lessons I have learned over the past few years is how important it is to have time and space for being with what’s real in my life — to celebrate the joys, grieve the losses, shed my tears, sit with the questions, feel my anger, attend to my loneliness.”

In other words, BE WITH WHAT IS.

I have a tendency to be a flight responder.  If something is uncomfortable in any way, I want to ruuuuun!  I want to pretend it's not there.  I want to deny, deflect and redirect.  That's kinda my motto. I know, so healthy right?  It truly goes against every fiber of my being to just sit there in whatever it is that just IS.

It's been a long hard winter for me.  I don't do well when it's bone-chilling cold and I don't see the sun for weeks.  In order to fight back the blues, I have turned to my iPhone as a distraction in way too many cases.  I can't possibly just sit in my blue-ness and give it to God.  It's too uncomfortable to attend to that discomfort.  What's new on Instagram?  What's new on Pinterest?  I do the same thing when it comes to a very special family member who is currently struggling.  Instead of sitting with the fears that I associate with this person, naming them, and debunking them with truth, I avoid this person and the situation at all costs. Why? Why can't I lean into that reality and grab it with courage?  Why can't I remember that every opportunity to grow starts out with a little discomfort?

I'm not sure I have an answer on that, but I just wanted to write out some of these swirling thoughts in my head.  I've just had a few nudges lately to be with what is.  Because I lead a full, beautiful life.  And in both joys and losses, I consider it a gift to have a beating heart that gets to walk this earth for a time.  We only get a few trips around the sun.  Might as well be fully human.



  1. That tendency to just shove the feelings down and distract, it runs deep. And it takes effort to uncover all of our ugly and give it to God and deal with the consequences. Be brave, girl! I needed to hear this!

  2. Mariah! I am so glad you heard my heart on this one. It felt vulnerable to share that. Your blog is so so beautiful! Thanks so much for leaving a comment here in my little space. l:)

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