A Welcomed Milestone - Teaching your Child to Read

Monday, February 17, 2014

There's not too many milestones that I get anxious for.  In my opinion, the tooth fairy came waaaay too early.  And I've mentioned before that having a Kindergartener still seems a bit surreal to me.  So most of the time, I don't mind my babies taking their time growing up.  But there's one important milestone that I have really been looking forward to.

Reading independently.

I realize that Kindergarten is still a time for learning through play.  But Sister has been willing and anxious to learn to read for a while now.  And for the past few months she's been inching closer.  She's right on the cusp of needing my help and really taking off on her own.  I find it so interesting to sit with her when she sounds words out and make discoveries and watch things click.  It's also funny to hear the frustration over the many english language quirks.... 

-Yes the word "know" has a k at the beginning but it's silent. 
-Yes the word "Philadelphia" starts with a different sound than you would think by just looking at it.
-Actually no, the word "peace" is pronounced with the "ssss" sound instead of what the letter c normally sounds like.

Add those words to the memory bank, babe.

In the next few years, I can't wait for her to get to the point where she can take a new book up to her room and read it cover to cover all by herself.  How freeing for her.  I just want her to know the feeling of getting lost in a book.

We recently found a really fantastic Girl's Devotional that I would highly recommend to your daughters ages 6 to 12.  It's called God Hearts Me: Daily Devotions for a Girl's Heart and you can find it here.  This is not an early reader book, but its great for when they're wanting a challenge.  So I read the page to her first, then she reads it back to me with my help.  It's been great to expand her word recognition.

Any tips on teaching children to read?  I have zero experience in this department!

And I just wanted to share a video that my kids have fallen in love with.  Have you seen this amazing version of Let It Go from the movie Frozen?


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  1. My only tip on teaching children to read is to read to them, a lot! This is truly an exciting milestone!!


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