A visit to the American Girl Doll Store

Monday, February 3, 2014

This past weekend, we visited the American Girl Doll Store for the first time ever!

We have been a fan of their books and movies for a while now.  But Sister just got her very first American Girl doll for Christmas this year (thank you very much Nonni!).  And since we didn't do a birthday party for her this year, we thought a trip to the actual store for a little lunch and shopping would be fun.  We made it a road trip to D.C. and my Mom, sisters, and niece joined us too.  It was the perfect afternoon.  We are brand new to the whole American Girl thing.  I am still partial to my cabbage patch dolls. #hello1980s  But wow, these dolls are gorgeous and the store was amazing. 

My favorite part was the on-site cafe where we all had a fantastic lunch.  And sister loved her very first Shirley Temple.  I took a photo of my lunch because it was so pretty! They even have special seats for the dolls at the dining table, as well as their very own tea cup and saucer.  Then, after much shopping and consternation, she settled on two outfits for her doll - paid for with some hard-earned money from her piggy bank.  A very cute ice skating outfit, and a bathing suit.  Apparently, this doll must be prepared for all seasons. 

Thanks for both of her grandmothers for their generous contributions to her blooming American Girl collection. :)



  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Your pictures really capture the day. And your little girl looks all grown up from when I first started reading your blog. What a cutie she is.

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