Mom Fail

Friday, December 20, 2013

So here's the thing.  I don't love baking.  I've tried it a bunch of times and for some reason, it's just not my favorite thing to do.  But yesterday, I pulled my apron out of the back of the drawer it was squished into, and I decided to go ahead and do the sugar-cookies-from-scratch-thing with the kids.  Mainly because they had been begging me to do it.  Plus I thought it would be festive, and the kids are old enough now to enjoy it.  It should have been a clue when the only Christmas-y cookie cutter I could find was a partially bent tree.  And when I rummaged through our pantry, I only found about a tablespoon's worth of red and green sprinkles but the rest were just normal jimmies.  Oh well, let's just go with it.

So, just as I suspected, the whole thing was a big fat MOM FAIL.  I am just not patient with them in the kitchen.  Like, zero patience in this area.  I'm being brutally honest.  When they want to crack an egg, and the yoke falls on the floor, and the shells fall into the bowl I want to scream like a maniac.  When they fight over who gets to throw 1 tsp of vanilla into the bowl, I want to poke my eyes out.  And oh, the evil flour.  The.flour.gets.every.where.  Flour all over my kitchen makes me cray-zee.

Do you hear what I'm saying?  At least I was able to eat an enormous amount of raw cookie dough to get me through. 

The highlight of this experience was when I took a deep breath, washed my hands, and got my camera out to capture the details.  Truly, the highlight of my baking experience was photographing it.  So don't let those cute pictures fool you.  No one was having fun.

Well we finished the cookies, and they turned out fine.  But my heart was so ugly in the process.  I was too focused on the negatives the entire time and it just wasn't very enjoyable for anyone.  I set a horrible tone.  It was one of those times when I was literally praying in the moment, "God please calm me down.  Serenity now!"

So here's my conclusion.  And I'm sorry but it's not a super spiritual one. The kids and I do many MANY things together.  It's okay if baking is not one of them! 

Just say no to baking, Bri.


  1. It may have been a moment fail but never a mom fail. Life happens, emotions can get in the way. You got this momma. So proud of you for pushing through and not just killing it off the bat.

  2. My first thought when I read this is, I need to write a blog post entitled, "How to Bake with Your Kids Without Killing Them." Seriously. Since I love to bake, I know which parts are good for including kids and which not to, to keep frustration down to a minimum. I'll have to get to work on that! In the meantime, don't beat yourself up. You do art with your kids a million times more than I do, and I sometimes feel guilty about that. You can't force joy into a situation just because that's how it's "supposed" to be.

  3. I've been there and done that. I've come out saying there are some things that just aren't worth doing. It's okay. And I bet you're just killing it in other areas of parenting. :)


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