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Monday, December 9, 2013

In case you missed it last week, I am collaborating with some friends for an Artful Advent each Monday in December.  This week's theme is LOVE.


What's been most pressing on my heart this past week God's determination to show the world how much he loved the poor, the lowly, and the outcasts.  He could have sent His son Jesus to Earth as a wealthy King.  And given him a grand palace to live in, with all the riches he deserved.  Afterall, He did leave his throne in heaven.  It would have been fitting to make him an earthly king.  But instead, He sent his royal son to be born to poor, unwed teenagers.  In the middle of no where.  With no pomp and circumstance.  Not even a bed for Mary to lay on as she was in labor.  He was born in the quiet of the night, among smelly barn animals. 

And furthermore, who did He announce the news of Jesus' birth to first?  Not Priests.  Not Kings.  No, it was the shepherds!  At that time, shepherds were considered permanently unclean from a spiritual perspective.  This is because they were unable to stick to the rigorous hand-washing laws that the Jewish priests had put in place.  They were considered outcasts and at the very bottom of the social ladder.  But God open the heavens that night and had his angels announce the news of the newborn Savior to them first.  The least of these!  What a symbol of His priorities.

How beautiful.  How perfect.  God's love is so vast and mysterious and unrelenting, that he sent true love in the flesh to be born in a stable.  His perfect plan.

This is the good news of the gospel!  That Emmanuel (which means, "God with us"), is meant for all people.  ALL PEOPLE.  And He didn't wait until we deserved it.  He didn't wait until everyone would appreciate it.  He didn't wait until we had earned it.   He sent Jesus while we were still so very undeserving. 

So deep the Father's love for us.

If you want a song to listen to that depicts this concept so beautifully, check out "Glory In The Highest" by Shane & Shane.


If you're learning or sharing something this week that fits in with the theme of Love please do link up with us below!  And make sure to check out the beautiful thoughts from my cohosts, Nathalie, Cassidy and Carrie this week!

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