Six Realistic Life Goals

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have a short list of "big life goals" that I have been keeping close to my heart for a few years now.  Some may happen soon(ish) and some may not happen until much farther in the future.  But I consider all of them to be realistic and attainable.  I have a list of crazy ones too but that's for another time.  I'm sure this list will grow and evolve as I do, but I thought it would be good to write them out and share them here publicly.  Because I think it helps to give them little wings.  And it sort of helps define me in a way.  It shows what passions and pursuits God has placed inside me.

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1 //  Learn to play guitar.  And I don't just mean strum and play around.  I mean, really learn.  And really play.  I don't have a desire to play in front of anyone really.  I just want to have it as another means of artistic expression and worship.  Music means the world to me.

2 // Take a humanitarian trip to a third world country with my husband and kids and serve in some way.  I would love to visit Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and see with my own eyes how fashionABLE and The Mocha Club are changing lives.  I want this to be a whole family experience where we all learn together that the way we live is not actually the norm in this world.  

3 // Start my own creative business from home offering social media consulting, graphic design, digital art, and photography.  Many of you know I have dabbled in this in the past but I have some serious goals of making this happen once my children are in school full time.  It's a dream of mine to use my creative passions as a means to encourage and help people (all while staying home with my kiddos).

4 // Have the Husband retire by age 55 and road trip across the country on Motorcycles.  Weren't expecting that one were ya!  Yes, I have a hidden love of motorcycles.  I want to ride down the Pacific Coast and through Yosemite and New England and Arizona!  All on his and hers motorcycles. 

And I don't talk about finances much on this blog, if ever.  But part of making this dream a reality is maintaining a pretty lofty financial goal of getting my husband to retirement at a fairly young age (55).  That's twenty years from now.  Sometimes I find it hilarious (and annoying) that we talk so much about retirement, when we're still only in our thirties.  But honestly, it's very important.  Especially to our generation who may not be guaranteed any government assistance like social security.

And, while we're talking about big goals... in conjunction with retirement, we want to have our house paid off by then and our kids college tuition covered.  If you know us in real life, you know we are committed to living debt free.  I cannot take much credit for this. Husband is the mastermind behind our plan and most definitely the disciplined one.  Again, our real life friends know this. :) But because of his good planning, some wise investment decisions, SACRIFICE, and aggressive savings goals, we are on track (so far).  That could all change tomorrow so I hold this one with an open hand.  But this whole financial discipline thing? .... It'  And we have fought about it A LOT.  But if it means that someday we get to buy motorcycles and putter around the country seeing places I've always wanted to see, then it will be worth it!  I also pray that our diligent financial planning will allow us to give freely as God leads.  We are blessed to be a blessing to others.  Plus, we want our children to know that we simply cannot have everything we want in life, even if we have the money for it.  It's important to us that we not only talk that talk, but also walk that walk.  We hope to model what it means to live under our means.  Not gonna lie, this is a hard one for me!

But seriously how cool is this?

5 // Have my own vegetable garden.  This is self-explanatory.  Someday I hope to learn the art of gardening and grow my very own vegetables and herbs.  Gardening has so many amazing spiritual analogies.  I just feel drawn to it.  Ten years ago, if you had told me this would be on my bucket list I would have laughed at you.  But it's kinda cool how I am slowly being more drawn to things that simplify life.  Like being able to walk outside and pick tomatoes from my garden.

6 // Be well read.  Specifically, I want to read more challenging authors like Charles Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, and A.W. Tozer.  I want to be moved by the words of godly men written well before my time.


Now don't leave me hanging.  Does anyone have a BIG life goal they are dreaming about?  Please share!



  1. I love your goals! They're fantastic! I dream of having a garden (and a chicken coop) and being well read with the same authors. I just bought St. Augustine's Confessions and can't wait to read it. I totally hear you on the financial freedom front as well. That's been a biiiig issue in our marriage as well. It took a while for us to get on the same page but now that my husband is passionate about our financial future we've seen amazing things. My BIG (realistic) life goals are: pay down our debt, start a photography business with my husband (he's an incredible photographer on the side), do ministry professionally in any capacity that loves on people, start a family and adopt, and - potentially crazy - have a house with a backyard to host super affordable weddings for people on a budget.

    1. Kim I feel like if we could ever meet for coffee we would have a million things to talk about! I love your goals too! I think the backyard affordable wedding idea is brilliant. What a beautiful way to serve and model hospitality. I just added your blog to my bloglovin, woohoo! Thanks for the fantastic comment, friend!


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