Day 30 of 31 // Artful Links to Love

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Homestretch of the 31 Days challenge, you guys.  H O M E   S T R E T C H.   
Funny how I've adopted my husband's tendency to use sports analogies.  I'll never forget when he told some friends years ago that we "pulled the goalie" in reference to our decision to start trying for a baby.  Classy.

Today I thought I would just share a few artful things that I'm loving lately.

I've been wanting one of these amazing house portraits from Rebekka Seale.
This song and this song are on repeat this week.
I love the ruffles on this beautiful top I just ordered for my fall wardrobe.
Loving this blog for the fashion, and this blog for the words.
I thought this was a great "Before Your 40's" Bucket List to keep in mind.
Two books on my reading list, this one and this one.
I got my eye on this rustic desk for my future office.
Loving this All Sons & Daughters Pandora station.
I'm already dreaming about my Christmas mantle decor, and hoping to make a collection of these for display.


I'll be back tomorrow with a roundup of what I've learned from blogging for 31 straight days! 

This post is part of a series I'm writing for the month of October entitled "31 Days of Seeing the Art in Everyday Life."  See all other posts in this series by clicking here



  1. I LOVED this list! Both of those songs are great. I'm pinning that desk right now and those house drawings have been on my wish list for a while too. Fun post!

    1. Thanks Natalia! Sounds like we are on the same page, artistically speaking. ;)

  2. I'm hearing about Ellie Holcomb from everyone these days. I have Josh Garrels music on repeat these days, especially the Love & War & The Sea in Between remix album. So good!

    1. Thanks again for the amazing Josh Garrels suggestion! A fave for sure now!


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