Day 23 of 31 // Just a sigh can move His Heart

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thinking about this today...

"Your sigh is able to move the heart of Jehovah; 
your whisper can incline His ear to you; 
your prayer can stay His hand; 
your faith can move His arm." 

-Alistair Begg

How radical that even our broken breathless sighs will move the heart of God.  This week I'm finding there is art in those little sigh's.  Those faint whimpers.  He created us to long for heaven and realize that nothing here on earth truly satisfies.  So on the days when we feel that truth deep down in our gut - that knowledge that this world is not our home - we are agreeing with The Master Artist.  Our time is but a breath here.  So breathe in His workmanship. 

This post is part of a series I'm writing for the month of October entitled "31 Days of Seeing the Art in Everyday Life."  See all other posts in this series by clicking here


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  1. So, so beautiful, Bri! Love this series. Thanks also for linking up with our heart & home community. xo -l


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