Day 10 of 31 // Kindergarten Sociology

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sociology is the study of human society, in all it's structures and functions and roles.  And as the Mom of a Kindergarten who is currently growing her social wings, I find it fascinating.  The above photo was taken at her most recent Daisies meeting (girl scouts).  I was trying to stay out of sight but I guess my click, click, clicking was a bit too much.  Because just after I took this photo, she used her hand to shoo me away.

For the first time in her life, she shooed me.  What tha, what??

Granted, she was slightly annoyed that I was the only Mom who hadn't left yet.  And apparently at this age and stage, that is embarrassing.  When did that happen!?  When did I become the embarrassing Mom? Only a few short weeks ago she was adamant that I stand right beside her at the bus stop until she got on that bus.  Then she would lock eyes with me and motion "I love you" in sign language as the bus drove away. This morning she asked if I would stay in the house while she went to the bus stop. 

As bittersweet as that is, it's quite honestly a beautiful thing.  I see her interacting with her friends and I see the different emotions on her face.  Will they like me? Am I like everyone else? Where do I belong?  Kindergarten (so far), has been such a time of blossoming.  There's an art to socialization isn't there?  An art to learning what it means to be a good friend as well as what it means to be an individual.  Equally so, there's an art to letting my daughter become a part of society - and all the tension, joy and anxiety that goes along with it.

Shepherding instead of helicoptering.
Rooting myself in truth instead of fear.
Instilling wisdom instead of passing on my own insecurities.

I know I will fail many times.  But I so deeply appreciate the chance to raise up a couple tiny humans in this world .... in all the lovely artful ways that plays out.

This post is part of a series I'm writing for the month of October entitled "31 Days of Seeing the Art in Everyday Life."  See all other posts in this series by clicking here



  1. Thank you so much for your comment the other day on my blog (Smudged)--I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog!!! I think I could leave a comment on almost every post. :) I clicked on a few of the sidebar topics and came across your post about Fancy Nancy's art studio--we read a lot of books, but that book so captured my kids' imaginations, too--we made a hallway gallery because we read it in the winter. :) And, yes, writing about the beauty in everyday life is pretty awesome to do in the fall. :) Today's post--watching them grow up and learning how to guide them--so hard, yet, yes, such a beautiful thing to watch them grow and flourish into the people they were meant to be. I can't wait to keep reading...
    ~Gini :)

  2. Shepherding instead of helicoptering. LOVE that. Well said.

  3. Kids don't need fancy, new things. You will not find that in most Schools either. The quality of care that your kid receives is most important.


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