For the Aspiring Artist

Monday, September 9, 2013

I love it when a book inspires Sister to action. We are huge Fancy Nancy fans in this house. I'm pretty sure she embodies Fancy Nancy most days. Recently, we read the book "Aspiring Artist", which is about how Fancy Nancy creates her own outdoor Art Studio out of fancy blankets and curtains and puts on an Art Show for her neighborhood. Well sister instantly decided she wanted her own outdoor art studio. I saw that one coming.

If you look close you can see her flashing the "I love you" sign to God in this photo mid dance.  She does that a lot and I'm glad I caught it with my camera this time.

So we made our own studio in the yard of course.  She has already hit me up for the neighborhood art show as well.  Not sure if I'm signing up for that one, but she has certainly produced enough art for a huge collection.

And fyi for anyone else there with an art loving daughter in the family, the new American Girl Movie called "Saige Paints the Sky" is really cute.


  1. I need to play with your children!

    They will absolutely make me a be adventurer and more aware of the important things.

    1. Ashlee - it's so true. The things they dream up are so much more magical than I ever could. :)

  2. Love. I absolutely adore her I love you to God!

  3. Oh Bri.

    That last photo kind of took my breath away. The heart of a babe. He loves her so very much.

    Thank you for the Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist plug! I think this series is charming and Id love to look into this book for our classes.

    Truly excited to meet you in a few weeks sister.


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