To Those Who Wait

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I pulled out some of my fave Instagram photos with muted colors today.  I think it's a muted kind of day for me - a little meloncholy and introspective.  All photos are from my Instagram feed @SheIsWoven.

Thank you all for your texts, emails, phone calls and comments encouraging me after my post last week on being brave.  I felt the love!  And I faced the sad and ugly this past weekend with as much courage as I could muster up.  The thing about walking in tune with the Holy Spirit is that you're reminded that you're not alone.  You're reminded of God's faithfulness.  And you're reminded that there can be inner peace in the midst of a chaotic circumstance.  Amen.

Music has been my sanctuary lately.  You know how you often see athletes and olympians with earphones in their ears just before a big game or event?  The music helps them concentrate, focus, and relax.  I think that's a bit like how I've been feeling lately.  I'm facing something that requires a lot of focus on the holy spirit, and I'm not wanting to allow any obstacles to deter me.

I've been wearing my earphones whenever I can.  I'm putting worship music into my ears and letting it settle down in my bones.  I'm thankful for a few artists that have had therapeutic effects on me during many of life's twists and turns.  Two of them are Shane Barnard and Bethany Dillon.  And the cool thing is that they just happen to be married to each other. 

I've found one of Bethany's songs to be so fitting for me lately.  It's called "To Those Who Wait". Here are my favorite lines.

Lord, today You know what I need to do,
But You can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do.

Listen to it here:

To Those Who Wait by Bethany Dillon on Grooveshark  


  1. Your Instagram shots are so lovely. :) Music is medicine for me too...this is such a restful song. Love it.

    1. Laura thank you! Andy, restful is a great word to describe that song. :)

  2. Sending you encouragement and Mandissa's Overcomer :)
    Sandra H


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